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About Andover consultants

Andover Consultants is a multi-discipline company providing civil engineering, surveying, wetland mapping, planning and permitting services to our clients. We serve  Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont.

Founded in 1974, Andover Consultants Inc. is continually sought by many for their surveying and engineering needs. Over the years, we have deliberately controlled our growth to maintain the service and personal touch that is so important in dealing with today’s complex-engineering and regulatory issues.
    Businesses, whether large or small - including Fortune 500 companies - and individuals call on us again and again because they know that quality is the most important ingredient in our success and their satisfaction.
    Right beside the success is our integrity. Our reputation for absolute honesty has won us the respect of both our clients and of cities and towns across the region. We provide accurate data and refuse to compromise ourselves for a client. Complying with regulations and the requirements of the law is important to us. We are also very honest about our availability to work on a project. If we can not undertake your job, we will tell you so. It would not be fair to say yes and then not have the time to do it. Because there are only 24 hours in a day, we know our time is limited, and we think clients appreciate that kind of frankness.
    Our staff  is thoroughly experienced and highly conversant with the rules and regulations of New England’s local and state regulatory authorities. Even more significant for you, we’re all dedicated to customer satisfaction and quality in everything we do.
    We think our work ethic will suit you or your firm. We welcome your inquiries and hope we can serve you with your next engineering or surveying project, regardless of its size or complexity.